Keith Price

for U.S. 22nd

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About Keith

                            As a youth, I was raised in Vestal New York, where I participated in several local activities including little league and youth football. I continued to play sports into high school. I also joined the debate team as well as the drama club. I appeared in over four plays a year. My social activities continued until I completed my advanced education. After graduation, I entered the business world. I tried a few different jobs in the field, while looking for a career I could spend a lifetime doing. My search lead me to the world of hotel restaurant management. I spent time and effort, eventually becoming the head chef and banquet supervisor at an area Holiday Inn. This position introduced me to management at a high level. I impressed my bosses so much so, that I was transferred to the nation’s third largest Holiday Inn, across from the events center in Philadelphia. At that location, I went on to manage while advancing my education.

                             I returned to Apalachin New York, to be closer to my young son and his mother. Sara and I married, and I settled into my role as a husband and a father. As a father I coached youth sports including baseball and football. It was about this time that I joined a nonprofit organization in my community. Joining this organization put me directly into the community on a daily basis. Using the connections, I made as both a coach and a member of the organization, I started to network, get deep into the community, and quickly found myself in leadership roles. At that time, I wasn’t politically motivated, however my wife Sara, had become the chair of the Tioga County Libertarian Party. I supported her from a distance. With my newfound leadership, I entered a new world of business, I became an auditor for nonprofits and 501 c 3’s. By filling out tax forms and helping with EIN’s, I quickly saw and learned about government overreach. Out of interest and the promise of free pizza, I attended a few Libertarian meetings as a resource for the developing group. My role was to help establish meeting procedures and protocol, but the more meetings I went to, the more I realized that I am a Libertarian, I deal with corrupt government, and I could lead people!

                             After some consideration and seeking wise advice I started running for various offices. Each election cycle, I learned more about the people I represent, and their desire to be libertarian without even knowing it. This election I’m running for U.S. 22nd because the people have no real representatives running this year. Yes, there are candidates, but they are so focused on each other, they’ve forgotten the folks they are supposed to speak for. When elected I’ll represent the people of the district, not my party’s leadership!       

Why Keith Price?

                              Why Keith for the U.S. 22nd? Believe it or not, this is a common question with a complex answer. In its simplest form, because Keith is the ONLY candidate truly working for the people! Keith isn’t beholden to President Trump, to Queen Nancy, backdoor political agendas, or filthy rich special interest groups. Meaning, Keith’s loyalties are only to the residents of the district, the American citizens, our constitutional rights, and our unwritten creator given rights! Keith’s job is to represent you, not his own interests, not his party’s agenda, and not some self-centered leadership class. Unlike a D or R, Keith can actually bridge the party divide by simply remaining principled and steadfast in defense of the constitution and your rights.

                              Many politicians say they will work for you, and find compromise, but in the end, they have to tow the party line and work toward their own reelection. Keith’s party line is nothing less than your constitutional rights and his reelection efforts will be based on merit, not money raised, and favors done in Washington. So, why Keith? Why not? He’s the only candidate keeping you in mind at all times, he’s the only candidate truly defending the constitution, he’s the only candidate whose agenda is to improve your life, he’s the only candidate that is willing to limit government overreach, and he’s the only candidate truly willing to hold the House responsible for its many illegal and invasive actions! If you want a better United States, a stronger constitution, honesty in Washington, government transparency, government accountability, and the feeling that someone is actually supporting you, then Keith is for you and you are for Keith.